Much red hibiscus. White Church, Indore.

White Church, Indore

Tucked away, to one corner of the church compound, in the middle of Indore city, was this nursery.



no7ify is a simple python email and sms notification script.

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Must trek? Explore? A smattering of no-nonsense travel tips in India?

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Which Board Game?

Which Board Game?

Alexa can suggest one, based on your genre choices, from among card games, strategy etc.

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IntroToRegex This [a-Z0-9]* is cryptic?

Here's an app with the basics, including a brief history, a try out section and there's a quick ref cheatsheet too !

Make-A-Pass Create passwords upto 20 characters in length.

Auto generate strong alphanumeric passwords including numbers and special characters. Save to clipboard feature supported.

KnowYourSpices Lost in Indian translations.

Find Spices here, with their Indian and English names, along with (obviously!) helpful and descriptive pictures