no7ify View Code
no7ify is a simple python email and sms notification script.
Linux • Python
Alexa Skill - Which Board Game? View
Board games are engaging across ages and time, Alexa can suggest one, based on your genre choices, from among card games, strategy etc., or let her suggest some outlandish ones. Just ask Alexa to "Suggest a board game", then in response, tell her which genre you would like to pick from.
Alexa •  AWS Lambda •  Python
wp_newstream Code View
A Wordpress plugin that displays post titles chronologically, and uses post content as external links.
PHP • Wordpress
wp_smarterleads Code
A Wordpress plugin, that provides a CRM like interface, sitting on top of leads captured via the Contact For 7.
PHP • Wordpress
BOTD View Code
An auto tweeter, pic of the day, using dropbox sync
PHP • Linux • Dropbox API
Live tweet streaming and moderation
PHP • Linux • MySQL
TMSP: The Massive Scraper Project View
Pick a celeb, get pics delivered as they happen.
PHP • Linux • MySQL
Indian Footbal just got bigger, get in on the game. Pick a name, pick your playing and then, wait for the points to roll in.
PHP • Linux • MySQL • Python • Kimono API


IntroToRegex View
Here's an app with the basics, including a brief history, a try out section and there's a quick ref cheatsheet too !
Windows Phone • C#


RaspberryPi Experiments View Code
Messing around with the GPIO pins on the Pi.
Raspberry Pi • Python
Arduino Experiments View Code
Servos, LEDs, motors. Fooling around mostly.
Arduino • Wiring
General Experiments View Code
Power LEDs from your good old copper telephone line etc.


Legends of the Black Moon View
Legends of the Black Moon is a Role Playing game, in which the gamer assumes the mantle of his / her character, guiding it through a series of scenario’s and game dictated tasks that arise through the course of the game play.
Windows • XNA • XBOX • .NET